Does your Dog Listen to you??

Obedience and Control Training

by Lorrie Clemmo


Many dog owners are faced with the dilemma of the family dog that is totally out of control and does not does respond to any tone of commands. This can become a dangerous situation when you have no control over your dog near a busy street, in a people crowded environment and even during every day normal routines.  The most common problems dogs give their owners:

  • Not coming when called ·         Refusal to sit on command  ·         Refusal to stay on command ·         Constant jumping up on family, friends and visitors     ·         Pulling (towing you) on walks


A dog that is out of control is not the pet anyone wishes to live with. Through training, a dog can learn to achieve a status of control that will make life with your pet more rewarding and enjoyable.  Almost anyone can learn to train his or her canine companion to become more obedient.  Many times it is the owner that needs to be taught on how to train their dog to get the positive results they desire.  Many dog owners lack the desire to train their dogs because they think they lack the time to produce results.  Life is very busy for us all, but realistically a dog requires just minutes a day to learn a new skill or to correct a bad habit.  Dogs learn through repetition – SHORT repetitions.  You do have the time to improve your dogs’ behavior, and remarkably the short time you do spend training your dog the stronger the bond you will have with your pet – your dog is getting one on one ATTENTION!  Give your dog the attention they crave while teaching them the discipline you desire.

I deeply care about this training because so many dogs are taken to shelters, get hit by cars, runaway never to be found, and some even euthanized because of the lack of the proper training procedures.  Training is simple and fun.  If you are in need of my help please call at your earliest convenience, so we can begin the development of a better relationship with your pet.

I have been training horses and dogs for many years. I have been involved with dog training for over a decade. I was the lead canine trainer for several years for Northeast Search & Rescue, training dogs to complete obedience, agility and scent work in order to become certified. Currently I have a certified FEMA search dog, Blitz, that worked the WTC and several other major disasters. I also certified Blitz as a Therapy Dog. Blitz and I are members of New Jersey Task Force One – a specialized unit with the NJ State Police Office of Emergency Management.  I also have a Black Lab, Max, whom I’ve certified for cadaver and recovery work.  My current addition is Mickee, an Australian Cattle Dog that was a rescue.  I am in training with her for sheep herding.

Obedience and Agility Lessons


Please note I do not charge by the hour, but by the session.  Everyone’s has diffrent needs with their dogs – a session may run anywhere from ½ an hour to an hour or longer.    I  will also make a training house call when you are away or not able to train with your dog . Since I am also a pet sitter I do offer a training session with your pet during a pet-sitting visit at a discounted price.


Obedience and Control

Handler and Dog Training - your home or mine.

First lesson –   $25.00

This service will provide you and your dog with one working session. This will include evaluating your dogs’ problem areas and modifying a program that is designed for the needs of you and your pet.

Additional lessons $20.00 each

Pet Sitter Home Visit combined with lesson – an additional $10.00 added to the pet sitter service visit

Agility and Control

Handler and Dog Training – my home

$25.00 per lesson

For additional information please call Lorrie at 908-235-1700  or Email




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