Pet Home Sitters is an extraordinary compassionate and flexible pet care service that can accommodate any schedule. We offer animal care at any time of the day with exercise and play visits, medical visits, home care and short or long term pet sitting. We care for  animals throughout parts of northern  Warren and  Southern Sussex counties of New Jersey.

 Our service provides your dogs, cats, birds and other pets the care they need while you're away -  right in your own home! With us, you are assured reliable and responsible service. Your pets will:

  •    Stay in their own secure, familiar environment       
  •    Follow their customary routine and diet
  •    Avoid exposure to illness from other animals                     
  •    Receive loving, individual attention
  •    Avoid stress

Pet owners are often faced with the dilemma of what to do with their pets when traveling away from home. If you are like most pet owners, you either board your pet or arrange for friends and neighbors to take care of your pet while you're away. However, transporting your pet to a kennel can be inconvenient, and friends may not provide the level of care your pet requires. In addition it is often uncomfortable and awkward to impose on friends and family. It is also commonly known that pets do better in their own environment.  

Even if you are not leaving home, there may be instances where we can be of service. Unusual working hours or lengthy illnesses may make it difficult to care for your pet. When those times arise, we are  just a phone call away and ready to provide assistance.  

PHS pet sitters and animal home care service provides extra special care for puppies and other young pets or animals that need more frequent attention.  Keep putting off the desire to get a new puppy because your work schedule does not allow you the time to run home  to let the new pup out to play or eliminate?  This service can accommodate your new puppy's needs during it's first year of life. We can help with housebreaking efforts, extra feeding schedules and important human socialization skills, plus help burn off some of your pups energy. We can also check in periodically with a new mom and litter to make sure the all is going well and to give any extra care if needed.

PHS pet sitters also care for geriatric and sick dogs, cats or other animals that require  additional care and perhaps medical needs.  The staff is trained in American Red Cross Canine First Aid and CPR.

Services for cat and kitten lovers. Care and feeding, medication (including insulin & fluids) as well as litter box maintenance are provided for your feline companions.  Have a shy kitty that just needs feeding, water, litter box maintenance and a bit of socialization or a quick "hello?" We can do!



    Pet Sitters Reduce Pet Trauma!

Indulge in peace of mind! Safeguard your property! Enjoy the benefits of engaging a pet sitter!



Aquariums and Terrariums

Small animals, reptiles (non poisonous snakes) and aquarium needs are also provided.

Equine Care

Staff members are also equine care experts and prefer to service small barns of 4 horses or less. 

Kennel Services

We can provide complete pet care and kennel maintenance for small to medium size kennels.

Additional Services

A visiting pet sitter can also provide other duties you may require such as:

Bring in newspapers and mail, take pets for veterinarian or groomer visits. Water house or garden plants.  Alternate lights and curtains in your residence.

About Lorrie Clemmo (Proprietor)

Lorrie has been in the pet sitting business for over 12 years, specializing in dogs, cats and horses.  She has been caring and training dogs and horses for over 32 years.   Dogs have played an important part in her life for many years.  Currently she has a “Huck” a German Coolie (an Australian Breed, you can visit click on HUCK) who is a certified Type One Urban Search and Rescue Canine and Max a Black Lab that was state certified in Human Remains Recovery.

Lorrie was a Canine Handler for 13 years and the Canine Coordinator for 3 years with New Jersey Task Force One, a state specialty Urban Search and Rescue Team under the NJ State Police. Lorrie was deployed to many searches with this unit including the WTC. She has also trained numerous dogs for obedience, agility, scent work, sheep herding and also works with behavioral issues.  She has been a bird and wild animal rehabilitator, dealing with the orphaned and injured. She has been a veterinarian assistant to a traveling homecare Veterinarian and has been involved with the instruction of canine first aid classes and a Working Dog Canine First Aid manual.DSCN0042.JPG

Lorrie at NJTF-1 Training


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